710 KingPen

The 710 King Pen company was started in October 2014 and was found in Los Angeles, California. The quality of this concentrate cartridge is above others in the same price bracket.

Design and build quality on the 710 King Pen is better than your average pre-fill cart.

The 710 KingPen cartridge was made with a ceramic heating core and it seems to not get hot enough to heat at combustion levels. This pre-fill CO2 oil cartridge was made to provide only a vaping experience. This cart is made out of glass with a steel mouthpiece. This cartridge survive drop after drop impressively.

The THC strength is higher than your average pre-fill cartridge.

The strength on this 710 KingPen vape cartridge is not disappointing and you   only need a few hits to find myself completely stoned to satisfaction.

Flavor is exactly like the cannabis strains. 710 King Pen flavor is on point!

The flavor is the second best thing about this cart that was discover in this 710 King Pen review. Each hit remind me of smoking cannabis as it keep its real flavor from the strain. The vape hits smooth and is not harsh at all. The vape smells and it is not recommend to smoke in public areas due to the cannabis smell.

With lab tests showing the cannabis oil contained in the KingPen vapes are distille 5 times,  and in the list of the safest and purest vape brands in the market. Here, you can browse a variety of KingPen flavors that are ready to vape.

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